Saturday, August 11, 2012

QuickBooks-Online-Current-month-with year-to-date budget

Purpose of QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Video

This short video will demonstrate how to use the accountant's copy feature for QuickBooks 2012 users. Intuit has made it very easy for you to use this transfer feature. Therefore, these procedures may vary from older versions of QuickBooks.

Background  of QuickBooks Accountant's Copy

By way of background. An Accountant's Copy is a version of your company file  that allows your accountant  to make changes to your file while you continue to use it. You continue to work in your company file and, at the same time, your accountant works in the Accountant's Copy. When your accountant is finished, then you import your  accountant's changes into your QuickBooks company file.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Planning or Failing to Plan..Just watch what you spend

Review Budget vs. Actuals
Whether you are in the cloud or not, you (a person or business) should always compare the current monthly and year to date income and expenditures with your budget. Make adjustments as appropriate to your next month's  revenue  or expenditures. The beauty of the Cloud, is that you can review your budget vs actual anywhere or anytime.providing you have a cloud based software .If you don't plan, then you are planning to fail. Many people are reluctant to plan, but don't be lazy, be pro active and ask your accountant for help or just buy Quicken for under $75 or any oher software that you feel comfortable with, and begin to budget. This advice relates to businesses and individuals, no matter your age,or income level. Its always a good idea to plan.If you just graduated college, take the time and start saving now and consider an IRA.

Learn more about this by clicking here . Further, if you want to read more about budgeting,please call me or click here .

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quickbooks and Coldplay

First of all, I did not write this post, I enjoyed reading it, wanted to share it with soI  posted it to my blog to give the author some credit. To contact this author click on the link at the end of the article . Anyhow his/her article begins as follows:

I heard an interview on XM Radio this week with Chris Martin and his cohorts in Coldplay.
Chris was talking about the challenge of creating really great music. He told the interviewer that his songwriting was influenced by the Beatles, Bob Marley, Nirvana. Their music, he said, was quite simple to play on the guitar — a 12 year old could play it — and yet was so well crafted.
Martin said, “Songs like that are easy to play, and impossible to write.”

That brought to mind something I heard once at a songwriting workshop: “Well-written songs are easy to learn and hard to forget.” Right on.
Now, to QuickBooks.

Good software should be, I think, like good songs. Easy to learn. Easy to play. Hard to forget. And almost impossible to create.

“Impossible to create” is a bit of an exaggeration, obviously. But it is hard to create a system that is intuitive to use, has a low learning curve, and sticks with you from one use to the next. That was Steve Jobs’ genius with the Mac, right?

I dabble in Pro Tools record studio software and also in PhotoShop. I find both of them hard to learn and easy to forget. CTRL/SHIFT/+ to toggle up the mixing console view??? What the heck.
I personally have found Microsoft Office products to be easy to learn and hard to forget. Maybe that’s just because I’ve been using them since way back in the last century. But there is a consistency and predictability to the user interface and controls that makes them pretty easy.

QuickBooks? Well, I think it’s in the middle there somewhere. It’s somewhat easy to learn if you have a bookkeeping/accounting background, and it is not chock-full of obscure ways to doing things. (Do you agree? Please comment below.)

Easy-to-use apps don’t come easy. The easier it is for the user, the harder it is for the designers and coders. The easiest thing for a development team is to just turn a bunch of programmers loose on the specs to make something happen asap. Judging from the end results, I don’t think Intuit usually does that.
Still, I’d like to see a version of QuickBooks appear sometime that is, I don’t know, a “classic” version, with far fewer features and options…just straight up general accounting for G/L, A/R, A/P, simplified Job Costing, and after the fact payroll. A system where you could put in a batch of cash-oriented transactions on one screen in one step, that would update the G/L, checking accounts, and customer/vendor/employee subaccounts all at one time.

Easy to learn; impossible to create? Maybe. Like a great Beatles song.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Budgeting Monthly

Most small businesses,that budget,do not consider the seasonal aspect of their business and the importance of budgeting monthly.  Almost every business is seasonable, whether you sell apples or sell widgets and  budgeting monthly is very important. So budgeting monthly is very important. Some quick tips to obtain the information to address the seasonality issue  and to budgeting monthly is to use the same cash flows as last years or the average last five years(if you have them) and choosing the most relevant measurement base. Just go to last year's bank statement and you can find the cash flows then you will be able to budgeting monthly.  While the other option is to sit down and brainstorm as to the timing by month of cash flows either by yourself or with a CPA. To budgeting monthly,either use a spreadsheet,or an accounting program like QuickBooks or your existing accounting software. If your accounting software does not offer budgeting, its time for you to realize that you graduated and need to upgrade software that offers budgeting by month.If you have any questions, do not take any chances with projections of your business , ask your CPA. Don't forget to budget by department. Its even better to find software that budgets a balance sheet and statement of cash flows by month. Software to budgeting monthly may cost a little more, but is well worth it. Nevertheless, QuickBooks and I am sure many other comparable(under $200) and similar priced accounting software will offer this monthly budgeting option. I hope you understand how important this feature to budget monthly or project monthly for next year or the succeeding years.

Sandor Lenner, CPA, MBA

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No More Free User for Your QuickBooks Online Accountant

Intuit recently increased the number of users for some of the QBO subscriptions while at the same time discontuing the free user status for your accountant.

Why ?