Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Planning or Failing to Plan..Just watch what you spend

Review Budget vs. Actuals
Whether you are in the cloud or not, you (a person or business) should always compare the current monthly and year to date income and expenditures with your budget. Make adjustments as appropriate to your next month's  revenue  or expenditures. The beauty of the Cloud, is that you can review your budget vs actual anywhere or anytime.providing you have a cloud based software .If you don't plan, then you are planning to fail. Many people are reluctant to plan, but don't be lazy, be pro active and ask your accountant for help or just buy Quicken for under $75 or any oher software that you feel comfortable with, and begin to budget. This advice relates to businesses and individuals, no matter your age,or income level. Its always a good idea to plan.If you just graduated college, take the time and start saving now and consider an IRA.

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